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Dec 18, 2018
The Orbit of contemporary fashion and the lens

Fashion photography is, fundamentally, a photographic art of interpreting clothing or accessories, usually appropriated with the intent of documenting or promoting fashion. The enormous diversity of style, approach and content, over the period, has built fashion photograph to determinedly convey fashion or a "fashionable" lifestyle; thus, making Fashion photography ubiquitous and one of the biggest indeed most profitable areas of photography.

SKLens magic comprehends significance of fashion photography and focuses on portraiture, posing, extensive lighting and striking locations. We correspondingly understand psychology behind the fashion photography as an advertising device creating vision and enthusiasm in the viewer’s lifestyle.

In view of the evolving and constantly changing fashion photography genre, we create aesthetic fashion photographs that are realistic and offers a vision that one may possibly apply to their own life.

Our photography produces most creative, interesting and socially informative records about fashion, therefore making known the attitudes, customs, objectives and sense of taste of the occasion or era.